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A Gooner Like His Stuck On Stepmoms Boobies

A Gooner Like His Stepmoms. Diego Perez is having a hard time keeping his hand off his dick when it comes to his stepmom, Jennifer White. Jennifer is trying to be a good stepmother, so she engages Diego in conversation about boobs and nipples. Later, she walks in on him looking at boobs online, and realizes that Diego has a pregnancy fetish. Not knowing quite what to do, Jennifer comes into the room and sits down beside Diego. After a bit of conversation, Jennifer offers to let Diego see her big titties. Diego wants to feel, which Jennifer agrees to. When Diego asks to suck the nipples, Jennifer puts up a tiny bit of resistance but lets him go for it. She loves it so much that she sneaks a hand between her thighs to rub her landing strip pussy beneath her miniskirt. Diego realizes what’s going on and pulls away long enough for Jennifer to point out his hard-on. From that moment on, it’s all about taking whatever they want from one another. Jennifer shoves Diego onto the bed and strokes his dick while sucking it nice and deep. Turning around, she gets on her knees and offers herself to her stepson. She loves how nicely he fills her up, making her moan and squeal in equal measure. On her back, Jennifer lets Diego admire the jiggle of her big boobies as he continues to give it to her. Once Diego is close to cumming, Jennifer begs him to give her a creampie to enjoy and perhaps make a baby.

Date: May 13, 2024