Sex Mom We Cant Help Ourselves

Sex mom Veronica Leal has a hot stepson in Charlie Dean and she can’t help her attraction to him. Recently, Charlie was with his girlfriend getting busy in his bedroom. The door was closed, but Veronica could overhear the moaning. Dropping the towel she was wearing, Veronica cuddled close to the door to masturbate at the sound of her stepson fucking someone else. Now, Charlie has come to confront Veronica about the situation. Veronica denies it initially, but eventually, the truth comes out that she was masturbating and daydreaming that it was her Charlie was fucking. She makes him swear that he won’t tell his dad, which leads to desperately making out together. Before either of them can think better of the situation, Charlie is on his back with Veronica desperately titty fucking and deep-throating him. Straddling Charlie’s hips, Veronica slides down onto his dick and bounces in cowgirl. She sucks their combined juices from her stepson’s hard-on and then gets on her knees so Charlie can do her from behind. From there, the couple moves to Veronica on her back accepting deep strokes from Charlie. They wind down as they spoon together, with Veronica throwing her head back in delight even as Charlie loses control and nuts in her tight twat.

Date: February 21, 2024