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Rfdwap Stepmom I Got A Stripper Pregnant

Rfdwap Tyler Cruise and his friend Jay Romero want to prank Tyler’s stepmom, Mona Azar. Tyler sits with Jay and calls his stepmother up to tell her that he got a stripper pregnant in Vegas. Even when Tyler reveals it’s a joke, Mona is pissed. She has an idea of how to get the boys back, though. Dolling herself up in a see-through dress, Mona goes to Jay thinking that it’s Tyler. She rolls with it when she realizes her mistake, implying that it’s a shame two strong handsome boys like Jay and Tyler have no plans for Valentine’s Day. The guys do just as Mona was hoping, falling all over themselves to get her valentines. Mona gives them each a kiss on the cheek, but the real surprise is when Mona tells the boys she wants them to breed her. They both look enough alike that Tyler’s dad would never know who the baby daddy is. Tyler and Jay both think it’s a prank, but when Mona has popped her tits and hairy twat out, there’s no denying that she’s serious. Dropping to her knees, she takes out those hard cocks and takes one in each hand so she can double dip sucking and stroking both boys at once. Taking things a step further, Mona sucks Tyler off as Jay hits that from behind, squeezing her big ass as he goes. Then Jay gets his dick sucked as Mona rides Tyler’s hard-on. Creating a 69 with her face planted on Tyler’s mouth and her hand on his dick as she deep throats Jay. With his stepmommy still on her knees, Tyler does her from behind until he is ready to nut. Then Mona gets on her back so that first Jay and then Tyler can blow their loads into her greedy twat. The bigtit milf is sure that the cum cocktail will get her knocked up.

Date: April 23, 2024